Computer Architecture (2012/2013)

Bachelor Informatica 2de jaar, Universiteit Leiden

Course objectives & learning topics

Develop qualitative and quantitative insight into the trade-offs of the major technological developments in computer architecture in the last twenty years.


  • Instruction set architectures
  • Processors: pipelines, hazards, multiple issue and out-of-order execution
  • Memory: SRAM/DRAM tradeoffs, access times, hierarchy
  • Caches: associativity, indexing
  • Multi-cores & hardware multithreading
  • Vector processors & VLIW


Location: Universiteit Leiden, Snellius

Lectures: Tuesday 11:00-13:00; room 174
Labs: Tuesday 09:00-11:00.
Lecture/labs every Tuesday from Sept 3rd to Dec 3rd.
Exam on Jan 15th, 2013.

Contact & staff

Lecturer: Raphael 'kena' Poss; Student assistents: Jonathan Neuteboom & Bart Hijmans.

Assistance will be available on Monday and Thursday from 15.30-16.15h and on Tuesday from 09.00-11.00h.

Assistance and course communication will take place on the mailing list ca2012@list.uva.nl. Please register to this list ASAP using this link.


Weekly homework assignments: 20%
Lab assignments: 50%
Final exam: 30%

Course documents

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Course materials: