vr 18 oktober 2013

I need to pick a programming language to prototype some initial ideas for my next research project, an interactive shell to program and control lightweight process networks. I initially started with Python, but I stumbled into the need for efficient and concise pattern matching on tree-like data structures, which Python …

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wo 04 september 2013

Here are some resources I found useful on the topics of teaching, writing and presenting.

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do 01 augustus 2013

Ivan Godard from Out-of-the-Box Computing is currently touring the US talking about his Mill CPU architecture, based on a new machine model called the “Belt”. I just finished watching the 2nd talk on the machine model and its realization in the processor’s micro-architecture.

OotB’s contribution is a machine …

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za 29 juni 2013

Ever since I defended my thesis in September 2012, a thought had been left lingering in the epilogue of my book: that computing systems architects and designers are currently incentivized by market effects to build mostly “closed” systems that are annoying to tinker with. Besides a few exceptions like Raspberry …

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do 06 juni 2013

The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.—-William L. Bragg

There are different types of scientific writings.

Some report on inventions: a concrete problem without known previous solution is described, then a solution is proposed …

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zo 17 februari 2013

(Note: the following is a rework of the preface of my thesis [1])

When I joined the CSA group in September 2008, my supervisor Chris Jesshope tasked me thus: “We made this novel chip called a Microgrid, and we want a C compiler to program it. Do it.”

This is …

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vr 15 februari 2013

Twelve years ago, at my first job at a University, my supervisor told my colleague and I: “I am writing a book about finite state automata. I want an interactive tool to show people what I’m doing.” So my colleague and I built Vaucanson.

During that project I discovered …

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do 14 februari 2013


Heat on chip

Computer chips become hotter when they are used. If they become too hot, they break. Also, if they become just a little hot enough, they consume much more power to get the same amount of work done. Therefore, to protect chips and increase their power efficiency …

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ma 28 januari 2013

di 20 november 2012

Two days ago I started to investigate whether C was Turing Complete. With help from two serious people also interested in the topic, I came to the preliminary conclusion that it is probably not. Here is a summary of the arguments so far.

Turing Completeness is a property of languages …

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