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Raphael 'kena' Poss

Sept 12th, 2013


1 Lab notes

Day 1.

  1. got a de0 nano.

  2. installed Lubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox, 32-bit, 6GB space.

  3. tried to install the Altera Quartus II suite. Not enough space.

  4. bigger HD image: 10GB.

  5. installed the tools. Fits.

  6. tried to download/install OpenRISC tools. Not enough space.

  7. ordered external SSD drive.

Day 2, new HD delivered.

  1. configured/installed VirtualBox/Lubuntu again, 30GB HD space.

  2. installed Quartus II suite from Altera, OK.

  3. installed the or1k-elf- tool chain (binutils, gcc) as per OpenCores wiki, OK.

Day 3.

  1. looked at OpenCores wiki page on FPGA dev boards, saw a reference to a pre-build image from Stefan K from October 2012.

  2. quartus_pgm complains that it cannot find a JTAG hardware.

  3. (lots of search / trying things out afterwards) Quartus II 10.1 as shipped on the de0 nano DVD can't work directly with Ubuntu 13.04 because it required usbdevfs mounted /proc/bus/usb and Ubuntu does not provide that.

  4. Used a workaround to make /proc/bus/usb available.

  5. uploaded Stefan K's prebuilt image to the board. OK.

  6. found the UART pin assignments from a file UART0_pin_assignments.tcl in Stefan's orpsoc repository. Says PIN_C16 and PIN_D15, which according to the de0 manual map to GPIO_23 and GPIO_25 at the back of the board.

  7. Missing some cables to connect to the configured UART.

  8. upgraded Quartus II install to 13sp1.

  9. wrote this doc.

  10. discovered the OpTiMSoC project which provides ready-to-use VirtualBox images.

  11. discovered the "new OpenRISC SoC dev board" page on the OpenRISC wiki.

Things to do: find some cables to connect to the image already flashed to the de0 nano. Build own linux image. Build own orpsoc image. Check the OpTiMSoC virtualbox image out.

Learned on the way:

2 Web Resources

3 Snippets

4 People


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